Beverley Park Homes is a log cabin manufacturer in Tickton, Beverley.


In this article, we will share what you can expect when purchasing one of our handmade residential log cabins.

From the build to the materials, you will know exactly what you can expect from this log cabin manufacturer.

Residential Log Cabin - Chassis.

All well-built Log Cabins start with well-built foundations, in the case of a residential log cabin or park home that is the chassis.

We use a local company called Bankside Patterson for the vast majority of our chassis.

As most of our homes are bespoke we need a supplier that understands that each home is unique and needs adapting to suit changes in layout. Normally the first item of your home to be ordered, you have the option to upgrade to a ‘hot dipped’ galvanized chassis, we recommend this type for homes that are sited on coastal parks due to the added risk to corrosion caused by the salty sea air.

As standard our log cabins come with a fully painted residential standard I beam chassis, this basically means that a twin unit would have 4 very large steel girders in total making for the perfect foundations to build your home upon.

Log Cabin - Flooring Joists.

Our flooring joists are made from 30mm x 100mm solid Scandinavian redwood and insulated with a 60mm solid insulation.

This is then covered by an 18mm moisture resistant tongue and groove flooring.

This creates a solid well-insulated layer that is now ready to be built upon.

Log Cabin - External Walls.

Our external walls are made up of the following;

1. Painted V grooved 9mm moisture resistant MDF

2. 38mm x 98mm Scandinavian redwood pine with 80mm thick high-quality insulation

3. 11mm thick OSB board

4. Breathable membrane

5. 21mm breather lath

6. Pine, cedar or Canexel

This makes for an external wall thickness of well over 6” (157mm) we find this offers an excellent level of insulation and makes for a very solid overall structure.

Log Cabin - Roofs.

All our log cabin roofs are made up of the following;

1. Painted V grooved 9mm moisture resistant MDF.

2. 100mm high-quality insulation or 200mm for our BS3632 builds.

3. Breathable membrane.

4. 25mm tile lath.

5. Roof tile, i.e. metrotile that comes with the added security of a 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

As we produce all our roof spars in-house, this gives us added strength and greater flexibility.

Log Cabin Manufacturer - In-House.

We also produce all our own skirting boards, architrave, and door casings in-house giving a unique feel to your home with an unrivaled level of quality.

All our homes come with a 10-year Gold shield structural warranty and an extended 2-year warranty on all white goods including the boiler.

Log Cabin - Fitted Furniture

This is an area that Beverley park homes stands out from the crowd.

We produce all your fitted furniture in-house allowing improved quality and choice.

We have a huge array of colors and styles allowing a truly bespoke service.

From the choice of your units to the color of the kitchen and bedroom handles.

What our customers say...

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  • Log Cabin Manufacturer - All of our log cabins are manufactured at our factory in Tickton, Beverley.

  • Log Cabin Manufacturer - All of our log cabins are manufactured at our factory in Tickton, Beverley.

  • “David started as a carpenter, this passion is all about the detail, you won’t meet a more passionate home builder.”

    Alex Ovenden, Norfolk
  • “Barry and his team have over 50 years experience building homes and it shows, as he oversees every build personally.”

    Jane Mills, Newcastle

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